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Japan wildlife film festival 2015 rules of entry
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Our Sponsors & Partners

Our Sponsors for 2013 Film Festival

Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsMinistry of Foreign AffairsMinistiry of the Environment
Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science & TechnologyBritish Council

Toyama PrefectureTokyo Metropolitan GovermentShinjuku City

Shibuya CityAssociation of All Japan TV Program Production Companies (ATP)Japan Association of Audiovisual Producers, Inc.eizou bunka seisakusha renmei

Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of JapanVisual Communications Journal

Broadcast Programming Center of Japan


Festival Cooperation

Japan Wildlife Film Festival 2013 in cooperation with:


As always we would like to thank everyone who has supported us!
Without your support, we would never have made it to the 21st year since the first Film Festival in 1993.

We will strive to keep this somewhat unique Wildlife film festival the way it should be, and keep this tradition going for many more years to come. We do this for us, for you, and for the children of the future.

Become a sponsor?

Would you be interested in supporting us?
If so, please contact JWFF with questions about becoming a sponsor for the Japan Wildlife Film Festival 2013.

If you are an individual
Support can come in many ways for us.
Whether it be volunteer support, funding, translations or even a letter to cheer us on. We will be delighted to recieve your support!